Play a game together

Support for live play + spectators

The main inspiration for this project for me was wanting to play go with close friends who were across the country. Playing online was nice, but the sense of presence offered in VR has the power to create a much more powerful sense of spending time together.

As a result live audio has been a core feature since the beginning. Beyond that, live video is also supported if available on your device. Have a few friends join and play a casual game and chat. Your friend can see your VR tracked movements on his desktop, while you see his webcam feed.


Multi-platform with WebXR

The power of native graphics, the portability of the web

WebXR makes updates instant and compatibility broad, which means more players for you, and guaranteed support for your platform--whatever that is. The app is designed to be an enjoyable experience on desktop (use a mouse or a traditional gamepad, or even just keyboard-only-mode), and even allows use on google cardboard (bluetooth gamepad recommended but not required)--live audio and video streams included!


Sync with Online Go Servers

Always someone to play with

Compatibility with will be built-in, and compatibility with other servers will be added according to demand. Whether your opponent is in VR or not, you can still enjoy your game with the sense of distraction-free presence the game deserves.


Already a functional prototype


Hand Tracking+

Nearly complete implementation; grab a stone and place it yourself, or with hand tracking. Not your cup of tea? Use laser-pointer style (working), or joystick mode (working).

Beautiful hand-crafted 3d Assets

Volunteer work from incredible 3d artist @AdamR means playing on the nicest board you've ever seen.

Play Anywhere

The vision of this app is to play on a mountaintop, by a lack, in the room of Yugen--wherever you want.

Any board size, made real!

Feel like playing a 31x31 game? Now you can really see one in front of your eyes. (Already supported.)

Play AI in VR

Finally, you can sit across the board from katago.

Watch live games

Now you can sit by the table while pros play live.

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