Play a game together

Support for live play + spectators

The original inspiration for this project was wanting to play go with close friends who were across the country. Playing online was nice, but the sense of presence offered in VR has the power to create a much more powerful feeling of spending time together.

As a result live audio (+ video!) has been a core feature since the beginning. Have a few friends join and play a casual game and chat. Your friend can see your VR tracked movements on his desktop, while you see their live video.


Multi-platform with WebXR

The power of native graphics, the portability of the web

WebXR makes updates instant and broad compatibility possible, which means more players for you, and guaranteed support for your platform--whatever that is. Cross-platform functionality has been baked-in from the beginning!

Now working on virtually all platforms:

  • Quest/Quest 2 (including hand tracking!)
  • Google Cardboard (controller optional)
  • Desktop (mouse, custom hotkeys)
  • PCVR (but more beta testers welcome!)
  • Phone (including 6dof AR spectator mode!)

Sync with Online Go Servers

Always someone to play with

Compatibility with was in the original design, and compatibility with other servers will be added according to demand. Whether your opponent is in VR or not, you can still enjoy your game with the sense of distraction-free presence the game deserves.

(Coming Soon)


Enter KataGo's World

The most compelling KataGo Interface imaginable--an instructor and an opponent who is always available. Finally, you can feel its presence! Instead of dealing with a cryptic UI, get clear, simple insight and feedback.

Get an immediate intuitive understanding of the board through KataGo's eyes with live generated heatmaps.

See what moves were impactful by seeing the effect on win probability each move made.

See the predicted score.

All of this is available in any game, whether reviewing alone, playing with KataGo, playing with a friend, or spectating.


Working Prototype


Hand Tracking+

Because every possible platform is supported, so is every possible input. In a Quest? Use controllers, or controller-free hand tracking, to grab & place stones. VR "Laser" controls, mouse, joystick, and arrow keys also work!

Beautiful hand-crafted 3d Assets

Volunteer work from incredible 3d artist @AdamR. A full custom goban, bowls, and stones. (3d artist? Contributions welcome!)

Play Anywhere

The vision of this app is to play on a mountaintop, by a lake, in the room of Yugen--wherever you want. Context matters--get lost in the game. Or watch the sunrise together. Or enjoy the stars. :)

Any board size, made real!

Feel like playing a 31x31 game? Or going historical and trying out a 17x17? Now you can blur reality, and really experience playing on one, feeling the sense of scale in front of you.

Play AI in VR

Currently features working KataGo (AI) integration! See live generated heatmaps, get suggested moves, or just play a game with a superhuman intelligence. Or watch it play itself!

Watch live games integration will mean watching pro-games (or any game) in a whole new way--sitting by the board. See full KataGo stats+heatmap. Hang out in VR and view the kibbitz. Live audio-hangout with other VR viewers. Even watch a simultaneous video livestream.

Alpha mode available now!

Get Updates

If you sign up, you show me others out there are interested in this. I built this for personal use and as a fun project, but the more people that express interest, the more motivated I am to keep working on it. How?

  • Join us on Discord (preferred--also see icon on bottom right of page)
  • Don't do discord? Join the email list below. (I'm just another guy who hates spam as much as you do--if I ever send you an email, it'll be rare, short, and to the point. I don't have anything to sell.)

Support the project

If you really want to make this happen, you can donate here. I've spent hundreds of hours into this project at this point, but every time I get paying work, I end up putting it on pause for a while. The more traction this gets here, the more I can prioritize moving forward on it.

(PS- Let me know your email in the message box if you are interested in a play-test.)